Boy Bedwetting Alarm

Boys Bedwetting Alarm

NiteTrain-R® offers an effective boys bedwetting alarm for parents seeking a reliable bedwetting solution for their loved ones. This bedwetting alarm is FDA approved to work efficiently under all circumstances of heat, weight, and movement. No matter what the conditions are, NiteTrain-R® Boys offers protection against bedwetting and alerts any parent within almost all distances of your home. Don't let bedwetting get in the way of your child's future and proper sleep, use NiteTrain-R® Boys and make a difference in enuresis prevention for your kids.

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Bed Wetting Alarm System

Our NiteTrain-R® boys bed wetting alarm system comes with one bed wetting alarm, and two bed wetting pads per unit or package. The boys bedwetting pad is specifically designed for boy bedwetters, shaping the pelvis in the proper way to maintain comfort during sleep. The bed wetting alarm is liquid resistant for reuse and protection against urine. If you're looking for an efficient bedwetting alarm system, look no further with NiteTrain-R® Boys Bedwetting Alarm.

Bedwetting Review

Thank you Nite-Train-R for your excellent bedwetting alarm system. The bedwetting alarm immediately resonded to my sons accident in the middle of the night, which woke me up as well allowing me to comfort him. Great and simple bedwetting technology.

NiteTrain-R® Boys - Bedwetting Alarm

NiteTrain-R® Boys is a bedwetting alarm system designed specifically for young males. The alarm itself remains unchanged, but our unique boys bedwetting pad is molded to fit a boys shape and physical stature- included in every package.

NiteTrain-R® Girls - Bedwetting Alarm

NiteTrain-R® Girls is a bedwetting alarm system with a special design for young females and their unique bodily shape. The girls bedwetting pad is included in every product and makes all the difference in the comfort level of your child.

NiteTrain-R® Wet Call

NiteTrain-R® Wet Call provides universal support for the autistic, mentally challenged, bedridden, physically ill, or hospitalized. Wet Call is the perfect solution for those needing assistance with enuresis beyond gender and age, making it 100% coed.