Girls Bedwetting Alarm

Girls Bedwetting Pad

NiteTrain-R® offers extra girls bedwetting pads for the NiteTrain-R® Girls bedwetting alarm system that's scientifically proven to be impervious to liquids. The bedwetting materials we use for our bedwetting pads are completely resiliant to wetness and come with moisture sensing technology that has fast and accurate response times. With the girls bedwetting alarm attachment, the parent or guardian will be alerted almost immediately from the moisture sensing pad. Two drops is all it takes to set off the girls bedwetting alarm pad and prevent further bedwetting for your loved one.

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Bedwetting Sensor Pad for Girls

NiteTrain-R® is a pure believer in the aspects of comfort when it comes to enuresis conditions and bedwetting sensor pads. With females, comfort can be difficult if the formation of the pad is imbalanced. Our proven technologies have worked around this situation, and with countless research we created a bedwetting pad that follows the physique of early aged girls so that they can sleep comfortably, soundly, and protected through out the night.

Bedwetting Review

Thank you Nite-Train-R for your excellent bedwetting alarm system. The bedwetting alarm immediately resonded to my sons accident in the middle of the night, which woke me up as well allowing me to comfort him. Great and simple bedwetting technology.

NiteTrain-R® Boys - Bedwetting Alarm

NiteTrain-R® Boys is a bedwetting alarm system designed specifically for young males. The alarm itself remains unchanged, but our unique boys bedwetting pad is molded to fit a boys shape and physical stature- included in every package.

NiteTrain-R® Girls - Bedwetting Alarm

NiteTrain-R® Girls is a bedwetting alarm system with a special design for young females and their unique bodily shape. The girls bedwetting pad is included in every product and makes all the difference in the comfort level of your child.

NiteTrain-R® Wet Call

NiteTrain-R® Wet Call provides universal support for the autistic, mentally challenged, bedridden, physically ill, or hospitalized. Wet Call is the perfect solution for those needing assistance with enuresis beyond gender and age, making it 100% coed.